DIY Backyard Movie Screen

Watching movies outside is a quintessential part of summer…so how great is it that it is pretty easy to set up a movie screen in your own backyard? What makes for a better party than that? Source:


First, decide how big you want your screen, and where you are going to set it up. Generally, against the biggest wall of your house works (or the garage), but you can also set it up so that it is anchored by trees or poles.

Decide what you want to use for a screen. You have a couple of different options. It can be a simple as a bed sheet (though this is probably better if you are just going to use it one time), whereas if you plan to use it throughout the season, a sturdier structure is needed. Screen material works great, and you can purchase it online at or at a fabric store.


• Curtain hanging hardware
• wood or pvc piping
• fabric of choice
• hook screws
• astapler / staples
• bungee chords
• projector


Get some curtain hanging hardware and hang the wire between two trees (or two stationary objects)

• Build a frame for your screen. The wood you get will depend on how big you want your screen, but you essentially want enough wood to create an outer frame, with two pieces spaced down the middle for support.

• Staple your fabric to the frame, starting with the top/bottom centres, then moving outwards to the sides, smoothing it out as you go. You want a smooth, wrinkle free surface.

• Attach hook screws along the top of the frame, which will be used to hang off the wire.

• To make sure it doesn’t swing back and forth, you can use bungee cords to connect the bottom of the screen to the tree or pole.

• Now you just need a projector, a blu-ray or dvd player, speakers and a movie, and you are ready for some outdoor movie nights!


You can also build a frame and stand from PVC piping, which will allow it to stand on it’s own. Make sure that wherever you are positioning your screen, you won’t get reflections off passing cars, streets lights, etc.  

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