Day Of 1000 Musicians


 Each city across the Niagara Region is filled with talented amateur and novice musicians, but how many of them are willing to stand on a stage and perform?

Performing can be a nerve wracking experience, but with the right encouragement and support great things can happen.

Paul Lemire, who is the owner of VideoSign Inc, a local marketing company, has been a passionate supporter of music for as long as he can remember. “Music is a hobby of mine, I have played most of my life and I understand the work it takes, but I will never proclaim to be a professional,” he states. One evening, Lemire became inspired by Rocking 1000, the European event where 1000 musicians performed together with the goal of persuading the band Foo Fighters to put on a show in Cesena, Italy. “I thought it would be great if it could be done in Niagara,” says Lemire.

Committed to ensuring the success of the event, Lemire enlisted the help of his high school friend, John Fillion. Working together on the project for the past year, the pair has worked diligently to make the July 21st, 2018 event a reality.

With 250 guitars, 250 singers, 250 bass players, and 250 drummers all performing the same songs at the same time, the first ever North American event is sure to be a memorable experience. “We already have 400 musicians registered and need the balance by July 21, 2018,” says Lemire.

“The group of 1000 musicians will be led by conductor Roger McLaughlin,” says Lemire. “We will perform six songs together.”

The event is designed for people of all ages and musical abilities. “We have tried to make the songs simple that both amateurs and professionals can play,” says Lemire. “As long as you can play three chords on the guitar you can play with us.”

“We have selected Canadian content in this year’s songs to support Canadian music,” says Lemire who selected five out of the six songs from Canadian artists. Lemire has brought his love of classic rock into the song selection for the evening. “We will be performing songs by AC/DC, Tom Cochrane, Chilliwack, 54-40, Bryan Adams, and Neil Young.

“This will be the first time the event is done in North America,” boasts Lemire, who is hoping to raise money for three worthy causes: Major Progressions Music Therapy, Music Gives Movement, and Project Share.

“Major Progressions Music Therapy provides therapy for children with needs and the Music Gives Movement (through the Royal Conservatory of Music) helps underprivileged children get into music lessons,” explains Lemire. “As an entrance fee, we are asking for donations for Project Share.”

Lemire is grateful for the support of the Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen’s Association and the City of Niagara Falls. The event will be held at Fireman’s Park in Niagara Falls with parking at the Gale Centre and shuttle service to and from the park.

Lemire is also committed to promoting young talent in the Niagara Region. “The Basement Rockers, MESH, and Hydroplane will be performing,” he says. The event will also feature the ZZ Top tribute band FanZZango and the feature band of the eve- ning is still to be released. “It is a family day,” says Lemire.

“If you have ever been in a garage band, but never thought you were good enough to go on stage or you are looking to be a part of history in Niagara Falls then this is your opportunity,” encourages Lemire.

To register, become a volunteer, or access the music visit

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