D.I.Y Christmas Décor

One of the best parts of the upcoming Christmas season (for me at least) is the excitement that goes along with decorating for the holiday. While my own personal taste seems to teeter more towards Griswold than Martha Stewart, I can still appreciate a nicely arranged urn or homemade wreath (while I am assembling my blow up snow globes for my front lawn). There is definitely something to say about the satisfaction that comes from making your own decorations, regardless of what style you tend to prefer. Sure, you can buy pre-made wreaths and pre arranged urns, but when you have the time, motivation and know how, there is something really great about getting to say, “yup, I made that!” What follows is a short guide to making a couple different Christmas decorations, so grab a glue gun and get crafting!
There are dozens of design options for this quintessential Christmas décor item, but most of the basics stay the same.
You’ll need:
• A form for the wreath (this could be metal or foam)
• Floral wire
• Craft glue
• A glue gun
• Work gloves (especially if you are working with prickly needles or any sappy situations
•Embellishments for you wreath: boughs, fruit, garland, Christmas ornaments, etc.
Wire frames are good if you are planning to attach heavier items to it (such as pieces of Evergreen, etc.). If you want a thin, dainty wreath, you should start with a single wire frame, if you want a full, lush wreath, start with a double wire.
Begin attaching greenery to the wreath by laying it across the wire form, and wrap your floral wire around the stem, until the greens are firmly attached. Continue this process, overlapping the greens as you go, so the stems don’t show. When you reach the end and have covered the whole form, leave a couple inches of wire so that you can create a hanger.
Start adding your embellishments. You can attach them with wire, or if they are light enough, glue. One easy way to add some glitter to your wreath is by spraying some of the items gold (or silver) before placing them on the wreath.
If greenery isn’t your thing, other interesting materials you can use include for your wreath are: Christmas ornaments, corks, burlap bags (cut into strips), pinecones, candy canes (or other Christmas candy), scraps of fabric, snowflakes, painted clothespins (which in turn can be used to hold things like Christmas cards) There are countless other ideas as well, check out a site like Pinterest for some inspiration.
A beautiful way to decorate your entrance way during the holidays is by framing with some urns, they also make great centre pieces or a nice decoration for the corner of a room. They are also very simple to make by yourself.
You’ll need:
• Urns
• Containers that fit inside the urns.
• Dirt or floral oasis (foam)
• Some greens (of varying sizes)
• Other décor to decorate the urns: artificial flowers, garlands, berries, pinecones, tinsel, etc.
• Garden shears
Fill up the urn with the foam so that it lines up with the tops of the containers (you can also fill it with dirt that is packed in tightly)
Start with the larger pieces of greenery and tall sticks, and arrange them in the container by pushing them into the dirt or foam. Take some time to look at the urn from all angles and make sure it is balanced.
Once all the larger pieces are put in, pack around them with other greenery so that they stay in place.
Once all the greenery is in place, you can start adding the different accessories which will help give your urns some colour.

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