Putting a backsplash in your bathroom can be a great way to add a little colour to your bathroom, or even incorporate a more intricate design that would be too overpowering if it covered the whole bathroom. There are endless tile colours and styles to choose from. While it may look complicated, the process is actually very easy and can be completed in a weekend if you have all the right tools.

Things You Will Need
-Tile (be it porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, glass, etc.). Home Depot sells a large variety of tiles in 1 sq. ft. sections that come in pre-formatted sheets that make it very easy to install. They can be cut so that they fit into the space properly.
-Tile Setter (such as Omni Grip which is good for use on walls)
-Grout (you will want to get a non sanded grout if you have chosen tiles that could potentially get scratched easily while applying it.) Grout comes in a variety of colours.
-Notched Trowel
-Grout Float

What To Do
-Measure out how many sheets of tiles that you need.
-Clean off the wall where the tiles are going to be applied.
-Spread tile setter on the wall with a notched trowel
-Press tiles onto the wall
-Wipe away excess tile setter that seeps through the tiles
-Let the tiles set for 24 hours
-Mix up grout and spread over the tiles with the grout float. Make sure to fill all the spaces.
-Use cheesecloth to wipe down tiles and remove all excess grout.
-Shiny new backsplash complete!