One of the most fun ways to express your personality in your home is the creation of an eye catching gallery wall. While it may seem intimidating, as it takes a bit of work to figure out the layout, the end result often becomes the focal point of any room.


Pick out prints, artwork and photos that you love. Don’t worry if they relate to each other, continuity can always be created through the frames.

Each piece needs to be in balance with each other, so before making any marks on the wall, lay all the framed pictures on the floor and move them around until you find a combination that you like. Take a photo once you have figured out an arrangement that you like.

Get some brown craft paper and trace each frame, cut out and label each one. Arrange the cut outs on the wall as referenced by the photo you took. Make a mark on the wall to indicate where the nail will go.

Once all the cutouts are on the wall, step back and make sure the arrangement looks right. Move the cutouts around if necessary.

If you are satisfied with the arrangement, drill the nails through the marks, remove the paper and put up the artwork.

Don’t just stop at photos! Some gallery walls incorporate other accessories also: numbers, single letters, kids art, mirrors and a variety of other items.

Start in the middle and work your way out, that way you can add to your wall over time, as you find more items that you love. Try to leave about 8 inches between the frame base and the top of the furniture.

Take into consideration what your style is (eclectic, modern, architectural, etc.) when you are picking out frames. All the frames don’t necessarily have to match, depending on the look you are going for.

Need some inspiration? Just type “gallery wall” into Pinterest and you’ll find hundreds of various setups. Or head into Michael’s, they have templates and corresponding frames available.