Creating a Powerful Start Up Team

How should you start your startup team? The success or failure of your startup largely depends on the type of people you have on your company’s team. Seeing as nine out of ten startups fail, it is important to have a great team to ensure your chances of making it in the business world. Here are the types of people you need in your startup team.

The Leader

Every team needs a leader that can steer his or her followers in the right direction. In most cases, this will probably be the person who started the company, but founders should never be scared to bring in a little extra help in case they need some assistance. Leadership isn’t for everyone, but it is a very important role that needs to be filled.

The Expert

The expert is the one who knows how to get things done. They may have years of experience in your field of choice, or they might have spent hours and hours of extensive studying during their college courses. Either way, the expert is the one who will know what to do in every situation.

The Worker

Your team will need an employee (or employees) who can get things done with precision and efficiency. Startups always have a lot that needs to get done and companies can’t just have their employees lazing around and doing nothing. Ideally, everyone should be a worker, but some people might need to get the dirty work done.

The Thinker

Your team needs someone with brains and creativity. Someone needs to come up with new ideas and plans that will help move the team and the company forward, and develop out-of-the-box ideas that will amaze your audience and crush your competitors.

The Creator

Once you have your thinker, you need a creator. You need someone who will execute your plans and ideas and form them in the best way possible. This person might need to be skilled in technical areas if your company is planning on developing an app
or technology.

The Money Handler

The end goal of most companies is to make money, so you certainly need someone who can help you do that. You need someone who can tell you how much you need to spend and if your finances are in danger of running out.

The Marketer

Once your product or service is ready to be released out into the world, you need to make sure that it will produce the results that you want. A marketer can help you reach the right audience and ensure that they are excited about what your company has to offer.

The Public Face

When you do develop a decent following and catch the attention of a sizable  crowd, you will need someone to be a friendly face to represent your business. This is someone that will be greeting other people and interacting with them. This person should be very likable  as to give off a great first impression to new people.


This is by no means a definitive list of who you need on a start up team, but it does serve as a general and helpful guideline as to what to look for when hiring. In an ideal world, every team member would be able to wear multiple hats and serve as one or more roles when needed, but that is not always the case. Be careful when choosing your startup team and know what sort of people you need to guarantee your success.

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