Chef Ron Kneabone

By: Nicole Guerin

The Terrapin Grille at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel is fine dining at its true finest.

Executive Chef Ron Kneabone has moulded this restaurant into a culinary experience that one will not soon forget. Every dish on the menu has been carefully created by Chef Ron himself. Sparing no expense, only the highest quality of ingredients are used in every dish prepared. Always using local produce when possible, cheeses from around the world and the finest cuts of meat, all make this restaurant a must on the list of things to do in Niagara.

Chef Kneabone started his career at the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island. He apprenticed in Calgary and Toronto and from there on to Europe. As any great Chef will tell you, Europe is definitely a good place to hone your craft. Cooking his way through Switzerland and Germany, Ron settled in Strasbourg France to raise his family. He spent eleven years in France experimenting and creating dishes to please any palate and earning the right to be called an Executive Chef.

The “grapevine” is short in the world of foodies and Ron became aware of the exploding market of food and wine in the Niagara Region and decided to come back to Canada. This is when he met now good friends Michael and Anna Olsen and began cooking at On the Twenty in Jordan, Ontario.

When the opportunity arose to become the Executive Chef at the Terrapin Grille with the ability to create the entire menu to his liking, Chef Ron gratefully accepted. His incredible passion for food and wine shows in every aspect of the restaurant. Chef Ron’s kitchen is a well-oiled machine. He values his employees and puts as much importance on the dishwashers as he does the cooks and wait staff, considering them all seasoned professionals. All of his staff is educated in all things food and wine thus giving every guest a true fine dining experience. Nothing is out of the question. If it’s not on the menu, Chef Ron is more than happy to create a dish to your liking. If a guest has an allergy of any kind, they will accommodate to make it an excellent dining experience for everyone. Cooking for so many years in France has given this dynamic chef a flare for everything French. From his 18 hour Veal Jus to his freshly baked pastries, decadent desserts and homemade icewine butter, there’s no mistaking the taste of France in every morsel. Add in a touch of Niagara with the wines, fruits and vegetables and you get the mouth-watering idea of what The Terrapin Grille has to offer.

With the Niagara Peninsula’s growing conditions being so similar to the growing conditions in France, our vineyards here produce wines almost identical to the wines in France. This has given Chef Ron a great advantage in the pairing of wines to food. His passion for wines almost supersedes his passion for food. He has visited every Niagara winery and sampled each vintage that he has chosen to be on his wine menu. Every day between five and seven o’clock, staff and guests alike are welcomed to join Chef Ron in a wine tasting at the restaurant.

Not forgetting that The Terrapin Grille is a full service hotel restaurant serving breakfast and lunch daily with room service always an option. For dinner however, Chef Ron considers the restaurant a special occasion destination for any celebration. Whether toasting an anniversary, bringing in the New Year or simply enjoying time spent with the family, The Terrapin Grille is the place to go.

As food and beverage manager as well as Executive Chef, Ron Kneabone wears many hats to get the job done right. Being in complete control of the quality of food and service from beginning to end, is an extremely efficient way of ensuring a delectable savoir-faire for every patron. He thoroughly enjoys being in the kitchen cooking but don’t be surprised if you see him serving your wine or delivering your room service. This attention to every detail is what sets him apart. He has impeccable taste for what pleases restaurant goers of all kinds and to Executive Chef Ron Kneabone the recipe is simple; great food, great wine, a magical atmosphere and attentive and intelligent service.

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