niagara on the lake spa

Snowy Scenes and a Soothing Spa

Winter brings its own unique joys. If you find the right setting—that beautiful, natural spot where snow mounds up like fluffy pillows or quaint historic communities where snow drapes from heritage buildings like Christmas garland—there is no season more beautiful. Places like these are where you’ll be inspired to get out and play in the …

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The Evolution of Fun

It’s popularly known as Niagara Falls’ “Street of Fun.” Its actual name is Clifton Hill and this is its story. Capt. Ogden Creighton, a half-pay officer in the British Army, had a vision. Arriving at Niagara Falls in 1832, he was struck with the magnificence of the cataracts. Deciding that it would be a popular …

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Live From The Falls

Niagara Falls was buzzing early this summer as the latest and greatest broadcasting duo of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa brought their LIVE with Kelly and Ryan stage to Niagara Falls for a special Canadian broadcast of their iconic morning talk show. The co-hosts made their home in Niagara Falls’ Oakes Garden Theatre joined by …

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Up the Creek with a Paddle

Housing a range of the most captivating natural settings and collection of scenic waterways in Ontario, there is no better way to explore Ontario’s Lake Country than by setting out onto the water. Executive Director of Ontario’s Lake Connecting picturesque towns and tourist Country. “You can really customize the destinations throughout Simcoe County, paddle for …

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The True North Strong, Free and 150

On July 1, 1867 the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada, culminating a process that began three years earlier. Upon Confederation, the former province of Canada was split into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.It was, in many ways, the birth of modern Canada and …

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