Buried History at Butler’s Burial Ground

Niagara-on-the-Lake is rich in history. It lies in every building, down every street, and at the end of every country lane. While much of this history is on full display for tourists to see, some of it is almost hidden from view, requiring some effort to unearth. Such is the case with Butler’s Burial Ground, …

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Cruising Niagara's Waterways

Cruising Niagara’s Waterways

Boasting one of the most captivating natural settings in Ontario, Niagara Region is home to a number of rich outdoor adventure landscapes awaiting those ready to fill their lungs with fresh air and venture out to discover. But the problem for many is: they’ve seen it. They have hiked the gorges. They have cycled the …

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Wine Country

Be an Accidental Tourist in Wine Country

Why is it that the best moments in life are usually those unplanned? Perhaps its is because one’s expectations are lower and we are without preconceived ideas. And when we experience something unanticipated, it feel so much more special, like the universe herself has decided to share a secret with us. The awe of something …

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Navy Hall

Overshadowed History at Navy Hall

Ontario is separated from the United States by the Niagara River that flows east between lakes Erie and Ontario, first through the mighty Niagara Falls and on below the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment until it empties into Lake Ontario. At this strategic location, on the Canadian side, the British built military establishments to protect …

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Love it & List It – A Niagara Bucket List

Every place you visit has those quintessential experiences that all visitors should try, at least once, and well, Niagara is no exception. These are some of the things we think you should put on your Niagara bucket list.  Pick Your Own Produce Niagara is full of farms that allow you to pick your own fruit, …

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Live From The Falls

Niagara Falls was buzzing early this summer as the latest and greatest broadcasting duo of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa brought their LIVE with Kelly and Ryan stage to Niagara Falls for a special Canadian broadcast of their iconic morning talk show. The co-hosts made their home in Niagara Falls’ Oakes Garden Theatre joined by …

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Today’s People

 SHARING THE LAUGHS, CELEBRATIONS & NEW BEGINNINGS WITH EVERYDAY PEOPLE OSCAR EVENT PARTY JANUARY 27, SHAW FESTIVAL  Bravo Niagara Presents An Intimate Look at ‘Oscar, With Love’ featuring Robi Botos and Dave Young. Hosted by Kelly and Céline Peterson – photos @Alex Heidbuechel WINTER WINE FEST JANUARY 13 -15, JORDAN VILLAGE Winter WineFest brings together …

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