Niagara Falls

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

“Characterized by complex and intense flavours derived from concentrated sugar, acid, and berry extracts, Canadian Icewine continues to win top accolades at international competitions across the globe,” – Wine Country Ontario When the weather is cold, and we begin to wind down from the season’s festivities, we seek ways to beat the post-holiday blues. January …

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X Marks The Spot

Buried Treasure!  Those very words quicken the heartbeat and ignite the imagination. Images immediately flash through the mind: gold coins, Buccaneers, wooden chests. Probably Canada’s most intriguing, not to mention most famous, treasure hunt has taken place on Oak Island.  A speck of land in Mahone Bay off Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast, the island is …

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Eat, Drink and Get Ugly

Niagara Culinary Tours has created a new way to embrace the holiday season while checking items off of your shopping list. The Ugly Holiday Sweater Tour – a seasonal favourite on Niagara Culinary Tours repertoire of food expeditions – takes foodies on a themed culinary and retail trip throughout Niagara-on-the-Lake’s historic old town. Held every …

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Thunder At The Falls

Header Photo by: Drew Haran Canadian Heavyweight Champion Dillon “Big Country” Carman will be defending his title against Mladen “Monster Mel” Miljas. Tickets range from $50 to $75 and are available at VIP tables are available from $2000 to $3500. The fight will also feature 6 other professional bouts, including the professional debut of …

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The Evolution of Fun

It’s popularly known as Niagara Falls’ “Street of Fun.” Its actual name is Clifton Hill and this is its story. Capt. Ogden Creighton, a half-pay officer in the British Army, had a vision. Arriving at Niagara Falls in 1832, he was struck with the magnificence of the cataracts. Deciding that it would be a popular …

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Detoxing Body AND Mind

With commitment, dedication, and focus, we can rewire our brains. We can train our brains to challenge our recurring thought patterns, and to block new negative patterns from coming in, says Dr. Christina Plaskos. Many of us have tried a detox at one point or another.  Conventional detoxing follows dietary elimination of certain foods to …

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