The Evolution of Fun

It’s popularly known as Niagara Falls’ “Street of Fun.” Its actual name is Clifton Hill and this is its story. Capt. Ogden Creighton, a half-pay officer in the British Army, had a vision. Arriving at Niagara Falls in 1832, he was struck with the magnificence of the cataracts. Deciding that it would be a popular …

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Detoxing Body AND Mind

With commitment, dedication, and focus, we can rewire our brains. We can train our brains to challenge our recurring thought patterns, and to block new negative patterns from coming in, says Dr. Christina Plaskos. Many of us have tried a detox at one point or another.  Conventional detoxing follows dietary elimination of certain foods to …

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The Jam is in Session: Greaves Jams

We have our favourite restaurant, our favourite pair of jeans and many other “old reliable” things that make people creatures of habit. Greaves Jams in Niagara-on-the-Lake is a unique company where traditions are embraced and quality is never compromised. Once you have placed Greaves Jam on your breakfast table, nothing else will compare. It will …

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Niagara Winery Secrets

Niagara wineries are nothing short of amazing. From the beautiful architecture to stunning wines and dining masterpieces, it’s a place where you’ll be enchanted by rural luxury. Growing up in the region, I spent many days running through vineyards and hiding behind cellar doors – and learning what to sample at the tasting bar. Here …

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