Bridal Beauty Countdown

By Gabrielle Tieman

Whether you have years, months, weeks or merely days to go until you walk down  that aisle, here are a few bridal beauty tips to help lift your confidence and make you  into the most flawless bride as you walk down the aisle.
One Year Before
develop good habits  
• If you’re anxious about fitting into your dress, schedule an appointment to talk to your physician and/or a fitness instructor about developing a healthy eating and fitness strategy for toning and strengthening your body. The stress of planning can cause some to binge eat a few extra pounds or drop too many, so nix bad eating habits now before the stress of wedding planning takes a toll on your health.
• Avoid cravings! Create a healthy menu you can realistically stick to instead of jumping on a fad diet.
• Preschedule gym sessions into your everyday routine – it is easier to fit in workouts when they are already taking up a spot in your day planner.
• Stop tossing and turning before it becomes a habit! Your sleep cycle can take a beating when stress and excitement gets involved so try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. This will not only help your mental stability, but improve the appearance of your skin and help control your weight.
• Work on perfecting your complexion! Start drinking the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day (if you’re not already!). This will improve the appearance of your skin by hydrating and removing impurities and toxins from your system.
• Create a daily skin care regime. Your bridal makeup will do wonders for photographs, but you have to help those artists by prepping the canvas. If your current cleansers, lotions and toners are working wonders, don’t switch it up; but if you are battling with breakouts and redness, this is the time to consult a dermatologist and get the products your skin needs to be radiant.
Nine Months
De-stress, experiment & budget  
• Even the calmest bride will have their anxious moments over the coming months. Prepare for those times when the stress boils over by practicing meditative breathing, yoga postures and positive thinking which can calm your mind and slow your heart rate.
• Once a week, step away from the wedding for at least 24 hours to focus on other things that you love – like hobbies and your fiancé!
• If you want to experiment with hair colour, styles or cuts, do it now! A week before the wedding is not the time to see if you love your hair permed or wish you had grown it out. Meet with a stylist and experiment while you still have time to go back to your original style if you so choose.
• Create a budget – and stick to it! You don’t want to spend all of your savings on your appearance. Scout out deals, get quotes from stylists and weigh the costs and benefits now before appointments are booked.
Six Months
book & whiten  
• Avoid any “sorry we are booked” conversations with your makeup artist and hair stylist by booking all of your appointments now! Especially if you are getting married during prime May to September wedding season.
• While booking appointments, make sure to schedule trials for your hair and makeup. You will want to have scheduled appointments for approximately two months prior to your wedding to show your stylist photos, describe your vision and nail down any final decisions on style and overall look. On your wedding day, keep in mind hair should be finished approximately three hours before the ceremony and makeup in tandem or at least two hours before you go.
• Contact your beauty team and see if they would be willing to come to your hotel, home or venue on the day of your wedding. This will save you and your girls travel time and the hassle of being crowded into a salon the day of your wedding.
• Though it may not be time for your annual cleaning, make a trip to your dentist to address any concerns you may have or to look into teeth whitening solutions.
Three Months
Prep & trials
• Have your Pinterest board ready! This is when you will be heading to trial appointments to establish your bridal look. Don’t forget to bring with you any hair pieces, veils or accessories you may be wearing that day so your hair stylist and makeup artist can coordinate your look.
• Treat yourself to a facial! Deep cleaning your skin now will establish a solid base for your makeup and remove any month old grime and dead skin.
One Month
de-stress (again), get to the roots & shine on!  
• Schedule a massage. This will help with your circulation and relieve stress and tension.
• Touch up your roots if you colour your hair and make sure you are happy with your current colour. Keep in mind this is not the time for big drastic changes.
• Speaking of hair, get a trim! This will keep your hair looking fresh and help it grow that extra little bit during the final stretch.
• Cut down on coffee and tea [if you dare] and switch to brightening toothpaste to eliminate any lingering surface stains.
Two Weeks
slough it off & no cheating  
• Your weeks may be crammed with bridal showers, bachelorettes and nights out, but continue to stick to a healthy eating plan – it will pay off to stay on track despite the temptation!
• Don’t slip away from your exercise routine! It will help you sleep and keep stress at bay.
• Exfoliate your body’s skin paying extra focus to elbows and your back – you would be shocked what will show up in photos!
One Week
 get detailed
• Even if you’re rocking cowboy boots in exchange for open toed pumps, schedule a pedicure and manicure; it will leave you feeling put together literally from head to toe.
• Get a bikini wax and tidy up any other areas prior to the honeymoon.
• Confirm all of your beauty appointments for the day of.
• Avoid salty snacks and alcohol. Both will cause you to bloat and dry out your skin.
The Night Before
get in good condition
• Get lots of sleep! Yes you will be anxious, nervous,   excited and a whole range of other emotions, but try to shut those eyes and wind down. Turning off electronics and jumping into a bath with soothing oils and scents will help you relax and get some shut eye.
• Tidy up your eyebrows but do not go tweezer happy. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself wait for your makeup team or a friend with a steady hand.
• Deep condition your hair. You will not want to wash your hair the day of your wedding [styled hair holds better when it is a little dirty] so wash it now and let it soak up the nutrients.
• Drink lots of water and hydrate your skin with a really good moisturizer or body butter.
Wedding Day
 slip into something removeable, make scents & drink!
• Though the dress may be the only piece of clothing on your mind, make sure to think about what you are wearing to your makeup and hair appointment. Shirts with buttons and zippers are ideal for preserving your fresh coif and avoiding disaster by pulling a sweater over your head.
• Apply light perfume just before you leave so that it is still lingering as you walk down the aisle.
• Drink water AGAIN. This may sound repetitive but hydration is key to not only looking your greatest, but feeling your greatest. It’s going to be a long and amazing day!

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