Boudoir Photography in Niagara

Welcome to the new age of risqué: Boudoir photography.

Everyone wants to do it and everyone deserves to do it. Who needs the privacy of their own bedroom to feel sexy when the secret to feeling sexy is located in the heart of Niagara?

People from all over the globe are coming in to discover the new era of classic seduction with award winning photographer David Haskell.

“Everyone thinks you have to go to the ‘Big City’ to get quality photos – well that’s a myth,” Haskell said. “And half the time the photos don’t even come out the way you want them.”

“I am just amazed at how much this has blown up,” he added. “We are shooting middle age to older aged men and women. We are getting so many referrals the roof is on fire right now.”

And that isn’t the only thing smoking hot; former model and beauty queen Jennifer D’Amico said Haskell is the kind of photographer that takes an idea and brings it to life. D’Amico has been shooting with Haskell for over 10 years.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a plus size, David will make you feel comfortable and sexy,” she says. “He just knows how to bring the best out of everybody.”

D’Amico says she has chosen Haskell over other photographers due to his amazing creative visions and his professional editing skills. Unlike others, she admits that Haskell can take a photograph and make it look like a million dollars no matter what.

“Even though his photos always look magazine worthy he just knows how to bring out your natural beauty and give you back the confidence hiding within you. He takes his photographs to a whole new level of elegance.”

Like doing anything for the first time there are always fears and doubts. Haskell’s Boudoir shoots can be anywhere from risqué to conservative to elegant to classic. He likes to put people at ease by customizing each individual’s photography experience.

“I like to set the mood, lighting, music and the atmosphere for each person,” he said. “By doing this the nerves are usually chilled out in time for the shoot.”

Clients are required to have a full consultation with Haskell to help personalize their Boudoir photo shoot. During this consultation clients will discuss their ideas, the photographers ideas as well as what to expect. Consultations can be done in person, over the Internet or by phone.

Haskell said 75% of his shoots are gifts to significant others while the other 25% are men and women just wanting to make themselves see and feel their true beauty.

Haskell said it doesn’t matter what you look like, whether you are skinny, heavier, disabled, young or old, everyone deserves to be sexy.

“There is a fine line between editorial fashion and cheesy – we don’t do cheesy. No matter how risqué the pictures are, they are always classy and glamorous.”

Lately, Haskell has been shooting Boudoir Parties. This is where groups of friends book him to come to their homes or suggested locations, whether it be the beach or the Haskell studio located at the old train station in St. Catharines. Haskell also mentioned that privacy is number one. Everything is confidential including hair and make-up which is provided by the studio’s professionals. These parties are great for a girl’s getaway weekend, bachelorette parties, or just something new and different to try out.

Haskell notes, “We tell people; Come for the photography and stay for our local wine. Why not make it a full day to enjoy? You are worth it.”

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