Being Dealt a Good Hand a Casino Rama Resort

I’m lying with my eyes closed in peaceful serenity, my body feels like a puddle on the table and I am so relaxed I can feel the weight of my eyeballs. There’s not a sound around except for a pair of strong hands gliding across my skin, my muscles soften under the pressure and my mind surrenders to the warm eucalyptus surroundings. I am at the mercy of Sarah Coutt at the Balance in Life Spa inside Casino Rama Resort.

I didn’t plan on a ‘Tailored To Me Massage’ when I organized my two-day escape to Casino Rama Resort. Heaven knows there’s plenty to do here from the gaming tables to shopping, dining and the nightly entertainment. My husband and I came for a few days and we were eagerly anticipating the two of us taking it all in.

As usual, we made our morning bets for the gaming floor and thinking I’d had an advantage, I set out before him. That’s when the elevator stopped. I thought I was at my destination but instead, laid out in front of me was an oasis of thick green foliage over natural rock and a brilliantly blue, glistening salt-water pool barely visible through the foliage. I walked into the sanctuary, across a bridge and into the bright spa. The next thing I knew, I was on the massage table.

Sarah, my registered massage therapist was almost invisible, certainly silent as she navigated the room between the warm towels, the handmade organic apricot massage lotion and my body tucked between soft, warm linens. Sarah’s hands focused on my shoulders. She pulled and stretched the muscles until I felt the stress and tension evaporate into the sultry air, my muscles acquiescent to her strong, luxuriating fingertips.

Briefly, I wonder what time it was, what my husband must be doing. Our morning bet was to meet at the blackjack tables. Last one to reach our jackpot number cleans out the garage; you know that dreaded once every few years job no one wants to do. I knew I could easily beat him, even with this little distraction. I wasn’t worried. Then I drift off again.

Sarah had a hypnotic rhythm to her touch. Every time her hand would glide down my back I could feel myself slipping further and further under her spell and into a depth of myself I never knew existed.

My body, warm from the constant caressing was still. All was silent when it happened, focused points of heat on either side of my spine from the base of my neck to the small of my back. Quickly they turned to heat, radiated to hot and hovered just under the unbearable range. The searing points both levitated my flesh and reached deep into the most inner parts of me. The technique is called hot stones and with them I became whole, limp, totally incapable of movement or thought. I was gone.

Balance in Life Spa is a destination for travelers, a day spa for locals and a pampering experience for wedding parties and girls getaways. They even have a doubles massage room for couples romantic escapes. Combine a day at the spa with dinner and evening entertainment and Casino Rama Resort becomes an exotic experience without the cost of a flight!

The spa uses Eminence Organic Skin Care products exclusively. Originating from Hungary, Eminence are pioneers of the organic skin care movement and combine more than half a century of herbal craftsmanship and innovation with Hungarian inspired healing. Eminence offers proven treatments and recipes with sumptuous aromas and textures of wonderful fruits, herbs and spices combined with the best quality natural, organic lotions, oils and creams. Eminence is an environmentally friendly company that strives to keep the planet green from farming methods, harvesting practices and green packaging rules. To make their point, Eminence plants one tree for every product sold.

My 60-minute spa treatment went by in the blink of an eye. I heard the door click behind Sarah as she left. I pulled a robe over my luxuriously, luscious body and stood up on my wobble, lifeless legs. I’m thinking this is how the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz felt. Only, no need to throw water over me, just give me a minute, I’m already melting into a puddle on the floor. I pull myself out of my blissful stupor enough to walk out of my soft surroundings into the stark hallway and the real world again. But I didn’t want it to be over and found myself whining to Sarah in a tone that slightly eroded my dignity.

Sarah directs me to the many other options available at the spa that will prolong my experience. My body now wrapped in a soft towel, I nestle into a corner of the eucalyptus steam room. The air was warm with a hot undercurrent, thick with moisture and as comforting as a pair of strong arms wrapping around my shoulders. I felt the sweat begin to form on my body as I fill my lungs with deep breaths of eucalyptus heat. It’s warm, dreamy, silent and I’m alone. I spread my towel out over the warm bench and lie down for a little catnap.

I dozed off easily enough and was lulled into a state of dreaming. I dreamt I was cleaning the dusty, overly crammed garage back home. Lugging old equipment, broken tools and empty paint cans to the dump. It was a hot day and dust and cobwebs were sticking all over my clammy body. I woke with a start, bolted to the showers and pulled myself together in the locker room. It was an astonishing four hours from the time I stepped out of the elevator, took my journey through heaven and back to the real world.

I ran up to the gaming floor my face shiny and moist with a slight flush. My husband sat at the blackjack table with a fistful of chips and a smug look on his face. He had reached the magic blackjack number and in his mind he’d already relegated me to garage duty. Not fair I pleaded, I got lost!

My husband got up and put his arm around me and whispered in my ear. “Wouldn’t you rather go for a nice dinner and share a bottle of wine?” Once again, my entire body succumbed to the perfect suggestion at the perfect moment, my shoulders dropped, my brain went from blackjack strategy to sipping mode and we shared a great meal together. Oh, so good – but so not fair.

Spa Hours: 9am to 9pm daily

Pool and Gym Hours: 7am to 10pm daily

Adult swim hours: 7am to 8am and 9pm to 10pm

To Book an Appointment Contact:, 705.238.5933

Written By: Lynn Ogryzlo

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