Beer Makes it Better

By: Lynn Ogryzlo
When I say ice cream floats, your mind probably goes to root beer or cola, but think again. Beer adds a whole new dimension to your favourite frothy bubble drink. Fruity beers and chocolate stouts are already in the dessert category so go ahead and pour them over a scoop of ice cream. A general rule of thumb is two generous scoops of ice cream in a tall glass and fill to the top with beer. Beers that work well are fruit beers, beers that have a bit of sweetness to them and beers light on the hoppy flavours. Try these beer and ice cream combos for an end of summer treat!
1. Pour Wellington Chocolate Milk Stout (LCBO# 380477, $9.95) from Prince Edward County over salted dulce de leche ice cream for a rich, caramely hit to the earthy chocolate beer. Another great combination is coffee ice cream for an intense mocha chocolate hit. The bottle is 750 mL meaning you have enough for about 4 floats – party time!
2. The blend of Shock Top Raspberry Wheat (LCBO#381194, $12.95/6-341mL btls) and apricot ice cream is just sheer brilliance! If you can’t find apricot, first look for an artisan ice cream maker. If you can’t find anyone who makes apricot ice cream in your area, look for peach as a suitable substitute. It’s a sweet, dreamy combination.
3. Waterloo Dark Ale (Beer Store $2.35/473 mL can) over French vanilla ice cream. The beer is light in hops so allows for the vanilla to infuse into the beer flavours. Any other light to dark beer with the absence of strong hops will work well for a dreamy vanilla hit to your favourite brew.
Lynn Ogryzlo is a food, wine and travel writer, international award winning author and regular contributor to REV Publications. She can be reached for questions or comments at

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