Gabrielle Tieman-Lee

3 women sitting in chairs on a stage in front of audiemce

The Atelier Collective

Tailored towards connecting tenacious women in business, this energetic one-day event is the business conference re-imagined and re-energized; immersing attendees into an atmosphere of inspirational, like-minded women who all have the same root goals at heart: to learn, connect and grow. Co-founded by friends and entrepreneur/business women Angela (Urquhart) Osborne and Taryn Herritt, the multi-faceted …

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naked wedding cakes

Alternative Wedding Cakes

Modern weddings have evolved into a beautiful representation of the couple being celebrated. From unique wedding gowns to custom calligraphy place cards, the wedding day has become an event uniquely yours. But when it comes time to choose dessert, many couples often forgo personality in favour of tradition. Just like puffy lace sleeves and Jordan …

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Jim Diodati: Running for Mayor of Niagara Falls

How would you summarize your political platform for the upcoming election? This next phase of council for me will be about following through on strategic priorities of council. Some of the big lofty goals take time, effort and persistence. Things like the new South Niagara Hospital will be the largest investment by the Province of …

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