All’s Well That Trends Well

We are a culture obsessed by lifestyle trends – the latest of which is not only hard to pronounce but even harder to define. “Hygge” (the Danish word, pronounced “hoo-ga”) first hit mainstream consciousness in late 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down. In today’s climate of chaos and uncertainty it’s not hard to see why people would gravitate towards the paired down, textural simplicity of the Scandinavian home.

According to translator ToveMaren Stakkestad

“Hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt.”

So how do you achieve the elusive Hygge?

As the main idea is to “relax and feel as at-home as possible, forgetting life’s worries,” the roadmap for this décor is up to interpretation but it has been lending itself – naturally – to raw elements like live edge wood, textured fabrics and warm mood lighting (as always candles). Traditionally Scandinavian décor has been dominated by subdued hues and a lot of white however there is a strong trend towards embracing colour and patterns (mostly folk or crafty) in recent years.

The following is merely a guide to keep you current with the year’s trends. Mastering the art of Hygge is to create intimacy in any given moment; it’s slowing things down and quality over quantity. So be selective, spend some time doing what you enjoy – with people you enjoy – and fill your space with less “stuff ”, to make room for whatever it is that makes you feel at home.


No one can deny the power of Pinterest and while it has an important place in curating our aesthetic preferences, we are starting to see the trend shift from D.I.Y. to appreciating the craftsmanship of artisan wares such as pottery, glass, wood and textiles.
We love how simple details and a little touch of whimsy can elevate your space to feel – like, well – more space. Pare down the clutter to showcase your conversation pieces and give your plants (and you) room to breathe.
Geometric Shapes

So simple yet so bold. Geometric prints have not seen a resurgence like this since the eighties. The difference? Less neon thankfully. These shapes command attention so change it up. Vary their scale, application, colour or texture.Geometric trends

Tropical Prints & A Touch of Whimsy
Tropical plants have always been aplenty, but this year you will see tropical prints taking over everywhere – used wisely they can add a delightful element to your decor while still being sophisticated.
Tropical Trends and whismy designs

Metal just continues to become increasingly popular, but copper is shining brighter than the rest this year. It’s warm and unpretentious presence impart subtle glamour and is equally at home with humble or luxe décor. Luxurious textiles such as velvet and sheepskin are in the spotlight for 2017 with the former paired with beautiful jewelled tones striking a bold and comfortable balance.

Plush and Precious trends


Pineapple décor has become quite popular these last several years, and is still going strong. This tropical fruit actually is a symbol of warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality, so it truly is a fitting accent for the home. And here, we thought it was the perfect symbol to showcase home colour trends for 2017.

Paltone and Paint Trends

Paltone – These vibrant colours by Paltone inject life intro any neutral palette or as a stand alone statement.

Paint Trends – Muted and calm, these colour trends from the leaders in paint hit the right note for this year’s call for rest and relaxation.

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