All’s Well That Trends Well – 2016 Design Trends

With each new year, comes new trends, and while it’s not advisable to jump on every bandwagon that rolls on by, check out these trend selections for 2016, and hopefully you’ll find a couple that suit your style. The most important thing when it comes to home decor is that you enjoy the piece, not that it’s trendy, but hey, if the two happen to match up, then all the better! Pieces that you really truly enjoy, never go out of style, and you’ll be able to continue enjoying them even as other trends come and go.

Trends in the Kitchen

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the most popular and most expensive room in the house. For this reason we tend to be a bit reserved when it comes to incorporating trends or remodelling. This year’s trends make it easy to keep current as it’s all about classic elements and colours. Cool sedate colour palettes are elevated with natural wood finishes, warm metals and mirrored tile, making this room the hottest room in the house.


Adding different textures throughout the room can add visual interest and some depth to the room. This is easily achieved through incorporating a textured tile or backsplash. Other easy ways to incorporate texture are on fabrics on chairs or benches.


Popular colours for appliances seem to change every few years, and this year the trend is predicted to be black stainless steel. Sleek, sophisticated and functional.


Although white will always remain a popular kitchen colour choice, soft muted colours are becoming popular for kitchens. Charcoal, gray, pale blue, green gray, off-white are all popular alternatives to just plain white. Lighter wood tones are also becoming popular such as walnut, whitewashed woods and white oak.


Mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and finishes, natural materials are all popular for 2016. Warm metallic such as brass, gold and copper will be popular for items such as light fixtures, rangehoods, taps, handles and pulls.

Trends in the Bathroom

It might be apt to say, that this year, the bathroom is fairest room of them all. Utilitarian in nature, this room often gets cursory consideration. That’s about to change – in a big way. Give in to your opulent side with plush homey accents, ornate fixtures and details to really make this room shine.


On trend colours for the bathroom are all cool and calm. Blues and emerald greens are great for achieving this kind of feel. When paired with white, it makes for a fresh, uplifting environment. These colours also look good with wood accents, metallic accents and different rustic elements.


2016 is the year for the mirror to shine. Think big statement mirrors (maybe they are an unusual shape, etc), but even changing up this one detail can make all the difference.


Metal just continues to become increasingly popular, and it’s not slowing down for 2016. Metallic items are great at adding a little glamour to a room, whether it comes in the form of a towel rack, shower rail, fixtures
for the faucet or on a larger scale, sinks or bathtubs.

Homey Bathrooms

Not everyone has the room to implement this, but adding some homey items to the bathroom is popular this year. Plush chairs, fresh flowers: a room you feel comfortable hanging out in basically.

Trends in the Living Room

Historically known by many names, it has evolved over the years from the parlour room to the drawing room to what
we currently call the living room – whatever you want to refer to it as, it remains the most adaptable room in the house. This year, the flooring takes centre stage creating a solid foundation to showcase this year’s textured trend, once again restoring this area to a Great Room.

Fancy Floors

Floors are going to become a focal point for 2016. We are talking bold colours, patterns, heirloom rugs and industrial style flooring. Make your floor a focus by getting something that contrasts with the rest of the room.


This is the year for incorporating all kinds of textures into everything to enhance a rooms appeal. Fabric, wood, leather, wicker, jute, even macramé or tapestries for the wall. This one is easy to incorporate, all you need to do is add some simple accessories.

Statement Lighting

2016 is time for statement lighting to shine. Driftwood chandeliers, blown glass hanging lamps: anything that makes an impact. The more original, the better.


Flowers are in this year! Fabrics, artwork, the real thing: it’s all taking over living rooms this year. Sofas, armchairs, ottomans-get ready to see lots of floral patterns.

Bring Nature In

Natural textures, repurposing natural elements, unpolished, wooden floors and accent walls, stones, and geodes as display pieces. Floral colours used as a way to brighten up a space are also becoming trendy.

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