All aboard the NIAGARA BELLE

Come aboard, relax, and take in the sights and sounds. Our certified vessel, The Niagara Belle, sails on the Niagara River between Lake Ontario and the entrance to the Niagara Gorge. The river divides the historic villages of Queenston, ON & Lewiston, NY.

The 12,000 years of Niagara, is encapsulated during any of Niagara Sunset Cruises sailings. The genesis of the Falls, the human struggles to reach the western frontier, the battles between the French, British, Native Indians and the US colonies… all occurred in this 11 mile long corridor of the Great Lakes. Sailing the Niagara River affords our guests the opportunity to witness the relentless power of Niagara Falls which cut 7 miles of rock, 300 feet deep in 12 short millenniums.

On the Canadian shores in Queenston, the Belle departs from the hallowed lands on which Sir Isaac Brock gave his life while turning back the oncoming American forces at the battle of Queenston Heights. Travelling northerly on the river, we pass the Village of Lewiston where the final “station” of the Underground Railroad permitted the lucky few slaves from the southern US escape to freedom by crossing the Niagara.

As we continue the sail north, we see the beautiful homes which abound upon the fantastic vineyards which produce the grapes of Niagara’s now world-class wine industry. And upon rounding the final bend in the Niagara, we sail in the historic “wakes” of the British & US naval ships who fought during the War of 1812 in, and around, the majestic forts of Fort George (Canada) and Fort Niagara (US).

As the River meets Lake Ontario, the experience by no means ends. At the confluence of Lake Ontario the rushing waters of Niagara slow and create our smallest, but very deep, Great Lake. In the distance 28 miles away, we see the Toronto skyline, and looking over our shoulders we see the same view the US and British sailors did 200 years ago. But then, if the timing is right as day becomes evening, the glow of the sun goes from high into the sky and falls onto the Lake Ontario horizon. The brilliant orange illumination reflects off the Toronto sky-scrapers, the lake-freighters going to & from the Welland Canal, and the gentle waves shine off the lake, and now day becomes night.

Once the sun is down, the sail back to the dock takes on a new character. There is more time to enjoy the food, drink and the company of your on-board friends. Entertainment varies from background music, to live DJs, and live performers.

The Niagara Belle’s three decks provide ample space to do a walkabout. Whether you prefer one of the two climate controlled decks, or the “open air” top deck, there is a great spot for you to escape from life’s hectic pace for a little while longer. Seating is available on all decks and handicapped persons challenged by stairs are assisted by our Transport Canada Certified crews both embarking and disembarking the vessel to assure their enjoyment, comfort and safety.

Niagara Sunset Cruises is offering a variety of public dining cruises, and the Belle is always available to charter for special events, corporate meetings, private parties and much more!

There is much more to be told, but we will wait to see you on board to tell you the rest!

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