Be an Accidental Tourist in Wine Country

Why is it that the best moments in life are usually those unplanned?

Perhaps its is because one’s expectations are lower and we are without preconceived ideas. And when we experience something unanticipated, it feel so much more special, like the universe herself has decided to share a secret with us.

The awe of something new and fortuitous is an amazing thing, and it is always so rewarding to see the excitement in the eyes of first-time visitors just discovering Niagara’s wine country. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition to the hustle and bustle of the city that makes the accidental tourists appreciate the serenity of the vistas and vineyards, or maybe it’s the marvel that such a small region could be so abundant in natural beauty and bounty.

Regardless of the reason, wine country is ripe with experiences that will surprise and delight and these touring tips will help you find your own unexpected and memorable moments.

Take Roads Less Travelled and Well Travelled

What is so amazing about Niagara’s wine country is the fact that there are so many diverse and distinctive wineries in the region. From a winery housed in a family barn to a five star winery restaurant, the region really does have it all.

Chances are in a small winery setting you will feel totally immersed; you might even meet the winemaker and be invited to get a glimpse of their personal wine culture. In a more established winery environment the likelihood of being persuaded to join a sophisticated and notable wine experience is high and the odds of it being out of the ordinary are very good.

Remember what Grows Together – Goes Together 

When you are in wine country it only makes sense to also get acquainted with Niagara’s local edibles. Plan to make an unplanned stop at a roadside stand or bakery to pick up some seasonal goods that you can take home to savour at a later date with your treasure trove of wines. Or take a meal at one of the many culinary destinations along the way. You are sure to uncork some great wine finds paired with the region’s best seasonal produce.

Slow Down and Plan to Visit Again

Chances are you will not have enough time to do all that you planned and instead of rushing through wine country, plan to stay an extra day or come back and visit again another time. While the urge may exist to see as much as possible, the likelihood of missing an invitation from the universe to participate in a happy accident will be higher when rushing to see it all.

Locals Know

Remember to talk with locals and ask for recommendations. Residents are usually well acquainted with the little-known havens in any tourist destination and are often eager to share the whereabouts of their hidden gems. Unquestionably this is one of the best ways to discover unique and remarkable wine country experiences that will surely surprise and delight.

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