2019 Furniture Trends

Achieving the perfect balance between personal style and being on trend can be difficult year to year – especially within your home. Thankfully, 2019 is all about this balance; functional pieces and bold colours which can be blended into your home’s current look without overhauling the space. From gathering islands to matte black metals, we are so ready for a style refresh. In speaking with the experts at Critelli’s Fine Furniture in St. Catharines, they shared these top furniture trends to keep on your Pinterest boards in 2019.

Go BOLD with Colour

niagarafurnitureSee you next year grey and beige! Since Pantone declared the 2019 Colour of the Year to be Living Coral, stylists have embraced these bold, blending tones of pink, red and yellow. Interior Designer Consultant for Critelli Fine Furniture, Pam Clement, says this rich palette is perfect for making a personal statement in your home – whether it be as bold as purchasing a pink focal point piece for a room (think sectional sofa, large area rug, or statement chair) or utilizing a blend of the tones as a seasonal warm up in the form of a throw pillow, vase, or piece of art, to freshen up existing furniture. “Colour is very personal … you should always utilize colours that you like to be surrounded by,” said Clement. “It’s all about your personality in how you utilize it. Some people are bold enough to incorporate current colours into big and main pieces and some people want to play it safe and use a new bold colour in accents.” Adding rich neutral colours to your room, like deep chocolate browns and hunter greens, can also help balance the bold coral trend. “Adding these deep colours as accent pieces can also bring richness to your primary colours in a room.” said Clement.

Multi-functional Furniture

niagarafurnituretrendsThe shift to open concept floor plans and the surge in tiny homes and condo living have both drastically changed the style of furniture homeowners are gravitating towards in 2019. Pieces that pull double duty are now at the forefront when styling a multi-purpose room. “A lot of people are now looking for condo-sized furniture that is multi-functional,” said Clement. “People are downsizing and double duty furniture is simply put, a huge space saver.” Dining chairs are being swapped for swivel chairs; traditional coffee tables are out and nesting tables are in; and gathering islands (which create a single entertainment/dining area feature in your home by adding a counter-height island behind your sofa) are making dining rooms virtually obsolete. “It is Grand Central in your home,” said Clement. “People can sit behind the sofa at the gathering island and it brings everyone together in a single space. It is a fantastic method of tiered seating. It is great for people who entertain a lot and also for growing families.”

Add Luxury with Texture

furnituretrendsThe trend for luxurious and soft seating that is simultaneously modern and rich is a huge movement in 2019. Sofas, armchairs, and ottomans are getting bigger, cozier, and deeper, enveloping the body into velvet fabrics and rounded shapes. But this doesn’t mean style is being sacrificed. “Velvet is timeless and a very durable fabric … so if you are investing in a life time piece of furniture, especially for busy families, it is a perfect endurance fabric,” said Clement. “Velvet lends itself to any style. It can go with your traditional home setting and it can go right into ultra-modern.” Ultra-plush shearling –both real and faux – can also be a statement within a room while remaining welcoming and comfortable. “Pillows, ottomans, it is such a statement fabric,” said Julia Critelli, Operations Manager at Critelli Fine Furniture. “It can add such a different and bold texture to a room.”

Mixing Metals

This year, metals will be used in more interesting ways than as decorative pieces and fixtures. But we can finally take a break from shiny rose gold pieces; whether it be yellow gold, brass or matte black, 2019’s most popular metals are natural and antique in appearance and far from perfect. “Shiny is being put aside,” said Critelli. “Shiny [metals] give you that untouchable, glamorous look that is commonly found in ultramodern homes … we don’t want that in 2019. We want subtle, more comfortable and friendly; all of which goes hand in hand with the soft velvets and warm colour tones we are seeing this year.” But the real beauty of antiqued metals? They are easier to mix and match and can be incorporated into any existing style of home with ease. “Whether you have a traditional home, Victorian home, retro home, industrial home, you can add that touch of metal to balance to your current furniture while staying in the period of the home,” said Clement. “It’s about taking this current accent piece and blending it, so your home doesn’t feel like it’s trapped in one time period.”

Sustainable Pieces

Go Green! But we aren’t talking the colour. Investing in lifetime pieces that feature both trendy and aesthetic materials as well as ones that can be recycled is not just becoming a preference, but also a moral responsibility. “Fast fashion is on its way out and people are becoming more conscious of waste and investing in sustainable, lifetime pieces,” said Critelli. A few key lifetime pieces, Critelli said younger generations are now investing in, include the modern poster beds, solid wood items over plywood, and 100 per cent handmade and Canadian made furniture. “The modern poster bed is clean, made up of straight lines and strong, durable wood,” said Critelli. “There are no more traditional wood carvings. They are romantic and royal and timeless and can evolve along with your personal style and the trends.” TM

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