It’s not often that we associate food with real estate. Although the common myth of putting an apple pie in the oven when showcasing your home to a potential buyer is often debunked by presumed experts, there is much more than just a link between food and real estate.

As a proud foodie myself, there is nothing more captivating than a night out with family and friends enjoying the summer holiday warmth, sipping wine and grazing through a number of delicious appetizers or barbecue. Just as stimulating is the ambience of the setting and the staging of the tableau. Memories are made in such settings and retained by all of the senses, not solely those of taste alone. Which is why, real estate, and more specifically, the rooms that offer value to your home, are often those that optimize an elaborate kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area, poolside decks, or even elegant dining rooms.

The principles of real estate, like the principles of a good meal, revolve around pleasing all of our sensory applications. It’s not enough that we eat good food unless we find ourselves in good company in a setting that reflects the mood, atmosphere and even the menu of the event. When a potential buyer strolls through your home on a weekend open house during the holiday, they are projecting such expectations or associations onto your home in real time. Will this kitchen be able to host parties? Does this open concept floor plan accommodate a family reunion? Is this recreation area grand enough to entertain the guys for the first weekend of the football season? Therefore, your primary real estate investment, primarily your home, possesses the potential to sell your home before it is even listed. I have sold numerous homes to buyers who were participants or attendees at events in the showcased home. They were practically sold by these memories, or associations with food related events, even before seeing the lawn sign or a single interior pic.

So if you are thinking of selling your home, how can you maximize your home’s potential selling persona through food and the holiday spirit?

If you are indulging your senses this holiday season, be sure to capture your private food festivals at home on camera. Take pics, selfies, and even full group gatherings to showcase the capability of your home to a larger audience. Be sure to include what your kitchen, per say, is capable of creating, what happiness it can bring to others and yourself, and what potential it may provide to future visitors or owners. If, perchance, you are considering leasing your house, or a portion of it in the future, why not renovate it to appease a renter’s market. Make the bedrooms appear as hotel room comfort zones, or the backyard an escapable holiday oasis.

Above all else, be sure to collect the memories in some way if solely for the purpose of crystalizing the inherent value of your home to you and your loved ones.

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