Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Starting with a proper landscape design is key; consult the professionals at Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc.

When creating a design, determine the intended function of the space and design accordingly (i.e. patio, pool, gardens, lawn, structures, etc.)

Often the amount of maintenance can be determined by the type of design elements that are incorporated.

The new trend is creating outdoor rooms, such as a sitting area, play area, cooking area, etc., using walls, gardens, overhead structures and lawn area.

Landscape lighting and fire features often extend the amount of time spent outdoors.

Create accents within a patio or driveway using different colours, styles and textured pavers.

Various accents or focal points can be created using ponds, water features, statues, rockery, fire features, screens and wooden structures.

When choosing plant material, think about all 4 seasons. Shape, texture, leaf colour, bloom time and more can help make your gardens interesting all year long.

*Tips courtesy of Drew Hutchison of Tree Amigos Landscaping Inc.