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The crowning achievement for any golfer is that elusive, once in a lifetime (probably, let’s be realistic), hole-in-one. And, of all the glorious sports moments that deserve to be caught on video, a hole-in-one is pretty high up on the list.  So imagine you were lucky enough to have been blessed by the gods of the green (or incredibly skilled); aside from bragging rights (assuming there are witnesses that is) that epic shot can also garner you the chance to win anywhere from $1000 to $1 million dollars. Sound implausible? Get your driver out, because Epic Golf Concepts is ready to give you a chance to make that dream a reality.

As Epic Golf Concepts puts it, they are “an innovative, automatically-run hole-in-one competition format that adds an exciting dimension to today’s golf experience without compromising the tradition of the game.”

You’ll find the Epic Golf team set up at courses around Niagara, and the idea is simple: a suitable hole has been predetermined, with one camera set up at the beginning of the hole, and one camera at the pin. As golfers approach, they are handed a card with a code on it. Their shot is recorded, and when they email Epic Golf with their code, they receive a clip of their shot. And if that shot just so happens to be a hole-in-one, well, the golfer wins the prize and gets evidence of their golf glory that will last a lifetime. Once you have the video it’s yours to do with it what you will. Share the incredible footage on various social media channels or play it in a loop in the background for your less fortunate golfing buddies (Go ahead, you’ve earned it.)

The man behind Epic Golf Concepts, Frank Maddalena, said the idea came to him about eight years ago after a conversation with a friend, who was telling him of a golf course in Tennessee, where you put a token in a machine at a specific hole, and it would record your shot. You could then win a prize, and pick up your video at the clubhouse. While that particular system is no longer in use, Maddalena decided to build on that idea, but make it more high tech.  He sees this idea as a win for everyone involved: himself, the golfer and the golf courses.

The passion behind this idea grew from a lifelong love of the game, which Maddalena explains, saying, “I love golf. Golf is a great game. I’ll be able to play it at 80 years old; as long as I can swing the club, I can play. It’s an individual challenge. That’s what I like about golf. Running this business is about doing something that I enjoy. On the golf course, everyone is in a good mood.”

Since competition is high, many golf courses are looking for ways to entice people to play with them, says Maddalena, and since it’s at no cost to the golfer, why wouldn’t they choose a course that also gives them the opportunity to win money for what they were going to do anyway? Everything is included in the green fee. So if the weather is good, look for Epic Golf Concepts at golf courses throughout the Region and take your shot – cause they’re taking yours!

You can find a schedule of where Epic Golf Concepts will be on their website at epicgolfconcepts.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Epic-Golf-Concepts. Informations is updated regularly as new events are added.

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