Cultivate Your Inner and Outer Radiance

My patients often come to me with a specific issue in mind they want to correct. They may start the conversation about a line or wrinkle on their face, or increased redness due to acne and rosacea. However, when we sit down to fully understand what they’re looking for and create a treatment plan, what …

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niagara music awards

Niagara Music Awards

The lights, the cameras, the magnificent outfits modelled on the red carpet… on the evening of Sunday September 30th inside the Champagne Banquet Hall in St. Catharines, artists, music industry professionals, and supporters of the arts community gathered to celebrate the 11th annual Niagara Music Awards. Just like the music award shows we see on …

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Camera Ready: An Interview with Bella Pasco

If you are a foodie in Niagara, you are likely familiar with Flavour Passport, the ultimate guide to all the restaurants in the area. Featuring hundreds of restaurants, Flavour Passport is boosting their user experience with Flavour Passport: Journey. This new video series will feature restaurants across Niagara, giving audiences the opportunity to experience the …

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Unveiling The City’s Darkest Secrets

By: Lauren Charley When most people think of Toronto, they think of a culturally diverse and fast-paced metropolis filled with chaotic city traffic, lively entertainment, prosperous economic development, and a rich passion for arts and culture. Despite all the characteristics Toronto shares with other large cities, this world-renowned urban centre is also the site of …

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