You have a brush for contouring, one for blush, one for foundation; each one serves a certain purpose. But just as important as using the right brush to achieve just the right look is making sure your brushes are being cleaned properly. This is something that should become a regular part of your beauty regime.  Bits of makeup, dirt, oil, even bacteria, can all get trapped within the tiny bristles of the brushes, so it is important to keep them clean to avoid the clogged pores and breakouts dirty brushes can cause.

To get a bit ahead of the game, spritz your brushes with daily brush cleaner after every use; then about once a week or so, do a deeper cleaning.

Things you will need: a small bowl, a gentle or baby shampoo, a sink, a couple of clean cloths.


1)    Start by running your brushes under warm water, which will help rinse out all the loose makeup. Spread the bristles apart ensuring you get in between them all, but don’t pull too hard on them, or it may loosen the glue that attaches the bristles to the handle.

2)    Fill your bowl with warm water and stir in a dab of shampoo and then swirl your brush in the water.

3)    Rinse out the brush under the tap again, getting out the shampoo. Keep repeating the second and third step until the water runs clear.

4)    Use the clean cloth to wipe down the brush and reshape the bristles. Gently pat it to get rid of some of the moisture.

5)    Lay out your brushes on a clean cloth and let them dry fully before using them (takes about two hours or so for them to dry fully)

You can get shampoo made specifically for brushes, but the gentle or baby shampoo should work just as well.