It is time for a closet purge! The Pippa and Peach romper is here
and is removing the stress from getting dressed!
This staple piece is quickly becoming Niagara’s new little black
dress. Versatile and comfortable, this sustainable wardrobe must have
is an ideal investment for today’s busy woman. Easily taken
from day to night and made complete with your own accessories,
the Pippa and Peach romper is the piece you need to eliminate
countless wardrobe changes throughout your week.
“How many times do women stand in their closet and go
through one hundred outfits and are still left feeling disappointed?”
says owner, creator and designer of Pippa and Peach, Bronwyn Campbell.

“What to put on your body should be one less decision
you have to make in a day. I want you to put clothes on and feel
good about yourself. We work so hard our clothes should work for
us,” said Campbell.
The Niagara-born company was launched in 2015 in Campbell’s
living room – stemming from her desire to create home decor and
clothing pieces for her two young girls (nicknamed Pippa and Peach).
“This started as a hobby while I was on maternity leave,” said
Campbell, who holds a Masters in Social Work. “It was about
learning a new skill and having something to do that kept me
creative and busy after my kids had gone to bed.”

Campbell said she learned to sew in
high school and decided to re-learn
the skill by starting with a simple
skirt – drafting her own pattern and
working with her favourite colours:
black and white.
“I started making clothes for my own kids because I love black
and white and there wasn’t enough black in store for little girls,”
said Campbell.
Campbell said every time a piece turned out well she would
challenge herself to learn a new pattern, always designing items
that worked with her life and thinking about what she wanted for
herself and her kids.
“I love rompers,” said Bronwyn. “I own twenty! They are easy and
there is no matching tops and bottoms. You throw it on and you
go. But, I have an awkward body, and I will say, the twenty I own –
none of them fit me right.”
The rompers, coined the #KidBoss and #GirlBoss Romper, were
inspired by the busy girl on the go.
“The idea of this #GirlBoss Romper came about because we
are all trying to be our best selves,” said Campbell. “I want it to
represent a woman who is trying to live her dream, to empower
others. This romper is for everyone; it’s universal. It is for the
twenty-year-old who is hustling her ass off, it is for the sixty-yearold
woman, the pregnant mom, everyone – it is easy and breezy.
“It is this versatile piece that so many women feel confident in
… It is designed to graze over your belly where no one really wants
it to cling, flatter your curves and skim over your insecurities,”
said Campbell.
Proudly Canadian, the romper is made from a blend of Canadian
sourced and sustainable cotton, rayon and bamboo – making it
lightweight, breathable, durable and anti-microbial.
The products are reasonably priced, with kids’ rompers priced
at $48 dollars and adults starting at $98 dollars. Styles include a
sleeveless, 3/4 length or full length sleeve option and are available
in forest green, black, grey and navy.
Making its debut for spring 2019 is the addition of a wide leg
romper to the collection.
All rompers are available in a variety of sizes and include extended
cuffs to lengthen the life of your garment and your investment –
ideal for growing kids.

Campbell suggests sizing down when
ordering for a more every day look. She
encourages all customers struggling
with sizing to reach out to her and she
is happy to personally help with sizing.
“If you are going to walk away with
my product, I want you to be happy in it and feel like your best
self,” said Campbell. “If I can make you feel a little bit better and
make your day a little bit easier, that completes my day.”
Pippa and Peach is not only dedicated to creating garments
that celebrate how amazing you are, but also inspire you on your
journey to being your best self.
New to the brand in 2019 is the Inspiration Diffusing Label.
Made of a specialty designed cork blend, this tiny label attaches
at the nape of the neck and allows the wearer to incorporate their
favourite essential oils into their clothing and make the scent a part
of their daily wellness routine.
“It is all about your journey to wellness,” said Campbell. “Scents
are uplifting to your spirit. Add a drop of your favourite, inspiring
scent onto your hand and rub it directly on to the label so you
can carry the therapeutic/aromatic benefits of these oils with you
throughout the day.”
Apart from rompers, the Pippa and Peach line also includes
children’s pants, hats, accessories and cardigans and the popular
Scribble Collection: a line of dress-up clothing that is designed to
be coloured by your children.
“It is their own wearable art,” said Campbell. “The whole Scribble
collection was about growing with my own kids and creating
clothing that is creative and embraces their imagination. I thought,
what if I took this skirt and found a way that it could be coloured
so they could create on their clothing.”
Each kit comes in a giftable box and contains a garment and
three permanent markers, as well as instructions on how to set
your coloured design. Campbell said parents can also use Ultra
Washable Crayola Markers which will allow for the item to be
coloured again and again – whereas the permanent markers allow
your little one to create an evolving work of art that can be washed
and worn many times over. TM