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Out of the Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary

It is hard to believe it has been thirty years. I would have been 19 at the time I attended the first annual Cuvée. It was a new concept, a celebration ...
Fruits in Niagara

Celebrating Fruits in Niagara

Cruising through the Niagara Peninsula down the country lanes you'll notice plenty of markets, shops, and stalls all selling local seasonal fruit picked...
Backyard Makeover

Give Your Backyard a Makeover

From the Botanical Gardens, to the numerous parks and trails, to private residences boasting astonishing oral displays and landscapes, the Niagara Region ...
Freezer Meals

Seriously Good Freezer Meals

150 easy recipes to save your time, money & sanity. Karrie Truman of Blueberry Orange Smoothie Kits Let’s just get th...
Lang Restaurant

On The Table: Lang Restaurant

Fresh, flavourful, and flaming are words that accurately describe the dining experience at Lang Restaurant; the first all you can eat Vietnamese barbeque and ho...
Cirque De Soleil: Corteo

Cirque De Soleil: Corteo

July 11 to July 15 - Meridian Centre - Downtown St. Catharines Get carried away with the extraordinary life of a single clown. Following over 10 years of thr...