With Dj Hassan

DJ Hassan is one of the most sought after DJ’s in Western New York, and luckily for all those who love to dance, spins his music at Stixx Sports Bar at the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino the first and last weekend of every month. Stixx, when you aren’t dancing to the DJ, is a great place to catch a game, or catch up with friends when you are in downtown Buffalo. The bar has signature cocktails, and food can be ordered from the Buffalo Savors Grill, which is located nearby. We recently caught up with DJ Hassan to talk a bit about how he got started in the DJ business, and what guests can expect when they head down to Stixx on a night he is spinning.

Seneca Magazine: How did you get started in the DJing business? What made you want to pursue it as a full time career?

DJ Hassan: “I got started in the DJ business in the late 80s, early 90s as a hobby. My early inspirations came from a few of my older friends that used to DJ local block parties and house parties in the neighborhood. I decided I wanted to pursue it as a career after I did one of my first big high school events and got paid for the first time.”

SM: Did you have a mentor you worked under when you were learning the craft?

DH: “In the early days, I was mentored by all the veteran DJ’s in my neighborhood.”

SM: What is unique about you as a DJ?

DH: “My style of DJ-ing is unique because I keep the crowd engaged and turned in to what’s going on at the DJ booth by giving the listener more of a show rather than just playing music.”

SM: What songs are on your ideal playlist?

DH: “My personal playlist at home or when I’m just cooling, is more relaxed. I listen to jazz and old school artists like Earth, Wine and Fire, Frankie Beverly featuring Maze, Charlie Wilson and the gap band.

SM: What songs always get people up and dancing?

DH: “Songs that always get people up and dancing…right now is Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk”, and then you can always count on a classic line dance or group dance, such as the “Cha-Cha slide.”

SM: What qualities would you say make somebody a good DJ?

DH: “A good DJ has to have a very outgoing personality and be able to talk to any crowd. A good DJ also has to be well versed in all kinds of music.”

SM: What is the best part of being a DJ?

DH: “The best part of being a DJ to me is the feeling I get when I see people really having a good time, there is really no feeling better to me than seeing a crowd of people laughing, dancing and grooving to music that I’m playing.”

SM: What kind of atmosphere is there at Stixx?

DH: “At Stixx, the atmosphere is very high energy, with all kinds of music ranging from Top 40 to hip hop, plus some of the best in oldies but goodies. You can always expect to have a great time and do some dancing. Whatever your style of music is, you can find it at Stixx.”

DJ Hassan will be spinning at Stixx on: 

July 18 & 31, 

August 7 & 21, 

September 11 & 25, October 2, 16 & 31, November 14 & 27, 

& December 4, 18 & 31