It wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t even have cell phones, but now, not only does everyone has their own cell phone, that same cell phone can control the majority of appliances and gadgets in their home. It’s a crazy futuristic world we live in these days, and new innovative products are constantly being introduced to the marketplace. Here’s an intro to some of the home products we found to be the most intriguing.

Clockity Alarm Clock

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, this just might be the solution you are looking for. It’s an alarm clock that runs away when it’s going off, so you have to chase it in order to turn it off (this is either brilliant or really annoying, depending on the patience of the person trying to catch it I guess).


This fun technology lets you watch, talk and play with your pets when you aren’t home. There is a built in laser game you can play with your pets when you aren’t home, it allows you to share and look at photos, and more. It is compatible with both Apple and Android apps, connects to Wi-Fi, and is a great way to keep tabs on your pet when you can’t be there.


This smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling preferences, so it doesn’t need to be programmed. It can distinguish between weekday and weekend patterns, and it can also be programmed from your phone. It can save your money over time, and it makes it easy to be energy efficient.

Parrot Flower Power

This is the perfect gadget for the non-green thumbed among us. It assesses the needs of the plant that it’s put in, and sends alerts to your phone. It collects data every 15 minutes to help you take the guesswork out of it.

Drift Bulb

This is basically a normal light bulb, except that when the switch is flipped twice, it dims itself over the course of 37 minutes, which is the time of the average sunset, and helps lull you to sleep.

SoundbotWireless Speaker

If singing in the shower is part of your daily routine, this little device will make it that much easier. It connects with Bluetooth to your phone, and has six hours of playback time. It comes in a variety of colours, and is available on


This handy little thing allows you to control the temperature in every room individually. It uses sensors that are hidden in the plugs in each room, which monitor the temperature of a specific area. The whole system can be controlled through your smartphone.