By: Jill Tham

Unrequited love, break ups, loss and saying goodbye: These are some of the classic themes that make up country music. You know a song is great when it leaves you feeling anything from happiness to bittersweet nostalgia. The music of award winning American country band Gloriana captures these feelings. Gloriana’s music is knee deep in expressive lyrics that many fans can relate to: listen to any of their songs and you will instantly resonate with their written words.

Gloriana is no stranger to perseverance, as the group started from the bottom and worked their way up in the music industry. Band members Rachel Reinert and brothers Tom and Mike Gossin have certainly had to get their feet wet along the way. “People didn’t see the years and years of performing opening mic nights, bars, and clubs prior to us coming together in 2008,” says Rachel Reinert, singer with the band.

Once the band was formed, it didn’t take long for Gloriana’s sound to take off. In 2009, Gloriana toured with Taylor Swift as the opening act on her Fearless tour. “We gained a lot of fans being on that tour and we have seen some of our fans go from children to young adults and that has been really great. I was barely twenty at the time, and it has been great seeing them grow with us, go to college and get jobs,” says Reinert.

At a time when the music industry is criticised for a lack of artist development, Gloriana has both a personal and professional relationship with producer and owner, Matt Serletic, from Emblem Music Group. “Matt has been with us since day one and we joke that he is the other secret member of the band. He really helped shape us into the band that we are today. We got lucky,” says Reinert.

Their third studio album, Three, was released this past June and once again Gloriana digs deep into their hearts and pulls out lyrics that fans can relate to. With songs being written independently and while collaborating as a band, their lyrics are inspired from day to day interactions. “We write about our own personal experiences like getting older or Tom getting married. We will keep writing as we go through different phases of our life,” states Reinert.

With a more upbeat tempo, Three is proven to be their most unparalleled album to date and certainly not their last. “We really went rhythmically driven on this one and you can hear the growth in our song writing. We collectively decided to put me more in the forefront as far as the singing goes on this album,” says Reinert. With minimal ballads on the third compilation, this lively sound will have both new and old fans blaring Gloriana’s tunes in the car with the windows rolled down.

Gloriana admits they made mistakes early on, but they have learned from the bumps in the road and continued on their path. “We were very green in the beginning,” states Reinert. What is their secret to staying grounded through all the chaos? “We have all maintained the same friendships and relationships we had before. The tough times we have gone through have kept us humble,” she states.

Reinert shares that the band is composed of three very different people, yet they have one thing in common. “We love to be home and are home bodies,” states Reinert. For a band that is always performing and doesn’t take a break from touring, relaxing is not an easy thing to do. “For me, when I get a chance to relax it’s by cooking, hanging out with friends and exercising. For the guys it’s taking it easy and drinking some beer,” laughs Reinert.

Gloriana’s individual personalities get an opportunity to shine during their concerts. “We took so much so seriously in the beginning and we forgot to have fun. Now we just want everyone to enjoy themselves when they come see us perform,” she states. Reinert, who is home when she is on stage, enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. “One of my favourite parts of being a musician is the ability to make someone forget about their troubles for an hour or so while they are at our show,” she states. “It is rewarding for me to help others. I want us to be able to reach as many people as we possibly can. The struggle in all of that is probably the most difficult part.

”Reinert has this advice for budding artists, “If this is something you want to do, you have to really be one thousand percent all in. You can’t be halfway in because it takes over your entire life and your entire existence. It is a 24/7 commitment, so prepare yourself for that.”

After spending a short time with Gloriana, their success and humbleness as a band shines through. “We still feel like there is more ground to cover and more work to do. We work hard, hope for the best and are grateful we get to do what we love,” says Reinert. “We will keep pushing on.”

Gloriana’s new tracks definitely add new flare to country music themes. “We all see highs, we all see lows,” are lyrics from Gloriana’s favourite song “Lighters” off of their new album. “’Lighters doesn’t just represent holding your light up at a concert, it is more than that. Everyone’s light can be up or down. Work hard and your light will light the way,” explains Reinert. A positive motto to live by. Let Gloriana be your outlet to help you forget your ups and downs and ultimately light your way.

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