Lighting inside a house is a necessity, but the fixtures you choose
to adorn your home define the overall look of a space whether it
be plain, old-fashioned, contemporary, or elegant. With so many
options including chandeliers, pot lights, and pendants, builders
consider lighting as an integral part of the overall design.
In 2019, modern lighting stores carry an array of options for
home owners including dozens of styles, with options to select
what type of bulbs you use and how you source your electricity
which can have a drastic impact on your energy bills.
Lighting is not just essential to a residence, but is also a decorative
part of the interior design.

When you imagine walking into the grand entranceway of a
millionaire’s estate home, you picture a huge chandelier with
crystals hanging at least two stories above the floor. These grand
chandeliers are associated with mansions not only because of the
expensive materials they are made from, but also the hassle and
expense it is to clean them. However, a ‘chandelier’ by definition is
a branched ornamental light fixture, with no specific guide to size
or structure.

Lighting stores carry an array of options for even small homes
to install a chandelier which will match the look of an entrance
or living space. From fancy crystals to metal frames with metallic
finishes, spikes, and abstract designs, there are numerous options
for you to add one of these fancy light fixtures to your home.

Flush Mount
Flush mounts are the most common types of lights in residential
spaces. There are two types: a flush mount, where there is no gap
between the light fixture and the ceiling, and a semi-flush, which
has a stem that creates a gap.
From clean and contemporary, to unique and bold, there are
options for flush mount lights which will suit any style of residence.

Pot Lights
Built into a hollow opening in the ceiling, pot lights are simple
choices for contemporary homes. Rather than the light itself being
an adornment, they typically are used as a light source which
blends into the room, and highlights the furniture, art and features.
The installation is far more intricate than other types of fixtures,
and often requires the help of a professional electrician to know the
wiring and suggest the best placement.

Pendant or ‘drop’ lights, are standalone lights which hang from a
ceiling, suspended by a chord or metal rod. They are often used over
kitchen islands, as a way to provide a bright light source directly
above the surface area. Modern pendants come in a variety of
materials, sizes and shapes. The fluid, curvy, teardrop style is often
the most aesthetically pleasing, made from artisan glass and metal.
The shape of your pendant light is integral, as the narrow tears
and cylinders produce ambient lighting, whereas dome-shape and
drums provide more illumination.

A sconce is a light fixed to the side of a wall, providing illumination
upwards, downwards, or in both directions. These fixtures use the
wall for their support and do not have a base, therefore they require
an electrical box to be installed. Modern sconces can be made of
glass or metal and range from trendy or timeless in design. The
idea is an adaptation from traditional torches or candles in times
before electricity.

Choosing the Best Bulbs
LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and will use significantly less
power than halogen bulbs. Not only are they more efficient and
brighter, but they reduce electricity bills. These are the types of
bulbs used inside the lighting fixtures you see installed in places
like schools, hospitals, and factories where lights are constantly left
on, as they are reliable and long-lasting.
“With the ever-evolving technology in LED lighting we, are
able to create many different looks in numerous applications.
Residential lighting is coming into its own with many fixtures
appearing to be pieces of art showing curves and straight lines with
a minimal amount of structure. This gives a modern feel along with
an excellent light source. We are able to use LED technology in the
smallest areas and create an amazing ambience behind fireplaces
and back light feature walls and ceilings,” says Jenny Howlett,
Manager at Distinctive Lighting. TM