Get ‘Appy’ With These Food and Drink Apps


Available: Free
It’s a simple app, but it’s helpful! It lets you set timers for everything you’ve got cooking, making everything run very efficiently. There are five different timers on the app, which are laid out just like the kitchen stove: four burners, one oven.


Available: Free
If you love to make up drinks, this is the app for you! You plug in what ingredients you have on hand, and it will give you a list of potential drinks you can make.

Our Groceries

Available: Free
This handy app syncs your family’s grocery list so when one person make a purchase and logs it, it is reflected in everybody’s list. It will also track coupons.

Perfect Produce

Available: Free
This is a great glossary of fruits and vegetables that will tell you how to buy, store and prepare pretty much any kind of vegetable you’ll find at the store.

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