By: Flavio Lammarino, Ph.D, C.Cht


Taste, see, hear, smell and touch are our five physical senses. But we also have one more sense that is rarely talked about or truly understood. It is the most powerful of all the senses and it is referred to as our sixth sense. When used in business it is the sense that differentiates the leaders from the followers. It is the sense that evokes creativity, problem solving and innovation; and it is the sense that will always guide us to make the right decision to reach our goals.

Our five senses are part of the physical world but our sixth sense is something that is part of our spiritual being. We all have a sixth sense, whether we choose to listen to it or tap into it is another story. We often hear successful people refer to the sixth sense as a gut feeling, an intuitive feeling, or an instinct. Whatever you choose to call it doesn’t matter; it is that feeling or sensation you get when you just know something—without really knowing how you know it. It comes from one source, and that is our higher self. The higher self does not make mistakes, but it also does not interfere with the conscious mind or our free will. It can assist us with many things, but we must ask it to assist us, because our conscious mind has the power to accept or reject the higher self.

The sixth sense is there to assist us in our journey, and if we pay attention to it, we will learn things in life the easy way. We have all been in situations where someone wanted us to do something that didn’t feel right, and an inner sensation or voice inside shouted out, “no, don’t do it!” We have all at least once in our lifetime, if not many times, ignored that inner voice. We went ahead and did what it was telling us not to do and then we regretted it. That sensation or gut feeling came from our higher self and it knows what is best for us as individuals.

How many times have you ignored your gut feeling and later paid the price? You must understand that the higher self is able to see the future and the result of our decisions or actions. If the outcome it sees is good it will give you a good feeling in your gut but if the outcome it sees is bad it will give you a bad feeling to warn you about your action and the result of it. This is pretty powerful stuff!

I have experienced many different lessons in my life—some I have learned the easy way and some the hard way. There were many times I would say, “God stop teaching me the hard way,” until one day I had a golfer in my office and out of the blue he said, “Flavio, I’m tired of learning things the hard way.” I quickly responded: “Start listening to your gut feeling, intuition or instinct and then you will learn the easy way.” And from that statement my own light bulb went on. What came to my conscious mind was to follow what I was teaching others.

Imagine for a moment that everyone has access to the perfect radar or GPS that is able to guide us through life and it never makes mistakes. It is always accurate, and if you listen to it, and follow its direction, everything you do will always be 100% right. Would you use it? Most of you would probably say, “yes, of course!” The thing is, we all do have this internal GPS but we often choose to ignore it.

The ones that truly listen to it will benefit in their life. Others who choose to ignore it may have been taught some limiting beliefs to feel bad about certain things, so they ignore what their gut feeling tells them to do in certain situations. These people will have a difficult time listening to their gut feeling because they will always be doing things to please others rather than following their own inner voice. When you ignore your gut feeling and let your limited and false beliefs get in your way you limit your own growth. Remember, your gut feeling knows what is best for you, and if you follow it you will lead the life that you were meant to live.

Following your instinct will make your life easier and more peaceful. For your own well being, pay attention to that instinct or gut feeling and only listen to it no matter what—even if someone else is trying to change your mind. A person that truly respects you will support and understand your decisions in life. The ones that have no respect for you and are selfish will try to convince you through guilt and other negative emotions to do things that you do not want to do. It is never right to violate your beliefs for the sake of someone else.

The actions or decisions we make in our career, and in all aspects of our life, should not be determined by our values and beliefs but by our instinct. Our values and beliefs are taught and may not support us, but our instinct is our inner voice that always knows what is best for us. Successful people have mastered the ability to trust and follow their instinct because they know that it will always lead them down the right path.

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