St. Catharines

Today’s People

 SHARING THE LAUGHS, CELEBRATIONS & NEW BEGINNINGS WITH EVERYDAY PEOPLE OSCAR EVENT PARTY JANUARY 27, SHAW FESTIVAL  Bravo Niagara Presents An Intimate Look at ‘Oscar, With Love’ featuring Robi Botos and Dave Young. Hosted by Kelly and Céline Peterson – photos @Alex Heidbuechel WINTER WINE FEST JANUARY 13 -15, JORDAN VILLAGE Winter WineFest brings together …

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The True North Strong, Free and 150

On July 1, 1867 the British colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada, culminating a process that began three years earlier. Upon Confederation, the former province of Canada was split into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.It was, in many ways, the birth of modern Canada and …

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Taste of Spring Maple Syrup

The Sweet Taste of Spring

The nights are still frosty and snow still blankets the ground, but the daytime sun has a special warmth. Icicles drip as they melt, streams begin to run and birds sing a happy song. It’s that in-between time that nestles uncomfortably between winter’s harsh embrace and the invigorating, life-giving arrival of spring. What do we …

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First Time Home Buyer in Niagara?

Be Prepared, Be Realistic, and Don’t Forget To Be Optimistic! Throughout 2016, first time home buyers had to deal with GTA residents branching out and claiming Niagara communities as their suburbs. While we may not be ready to let go of our small fry status – we may not have a choice! GO Train expansion …

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Time Management 101

Time Management 101

How would you define time management? Time management is a process of noticing how you spend your time doing things and making a choice about how you choose to utilize the time you have… it’s not that easy a question to answer because most people don’t define it. They know they have an issue or …

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Merchant Ale House Mac and Cheese

Maccheroni and Formaggio

It was in 1937 that the Kraft Company put it in a box, a good portion of elbow macaroni and a packet of orange powder. The recipe was simple, boil, sprinkle, add milk and butter and stir. All in one pot, anyone could do it. While today’s macaroni and cheese doesn’t resemble the original Italian …

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Events. Festivals. Entertainment.

Experience Culture in Niagara with the following events: RAY LAMONTAGNE MARCH 29 | FALLSVIEW CASINO RESORT | 8:30PM Grammy Award winning, singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne brings his unique vocal style to Fallsview with his critically acclaimed hits such as “Supernova”, “All the Wild Horses”, “Trouble”, “Jolene” and more. Must be 19 years of age or older …

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Love is in Niagara

Taking Romance in Niagara to New Heights

The author of this song of the year had me up until the last verse, but times were different in 1841 I guess, so who am I to say what is a hit. The fact is though, that despite how much the Niagara landscape has changed over the years, it has remained the perfect place …

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Man holding axe in plaid shirt

The World of Recreational Axe Throwing

Recreational axe throwing has taken Canada by storm. Leagues and arenas dedicated to tossing axes are springing up in towns across the country; encouraging Canadians to channel their inner plaid clad and blow off steam the woodsmen way – with an axe and adrenaline filled physical activity. It might sound dangerous – or even crazy …

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