Megan Pasche

It’s just really N’Icewine

Written by Sandra Ozkur Icewine, Canada’s most internationally recognized wine, is becoming a party favourite among the Millennial Generation. It has been trad...

50 Interesting Wine Facts and Tips

by Angela Aiello 1. To become more aware of the wine you like and dislike, use these five easy steps to tasting wine: sight, swirl, smell, sip, and savour. 2. Learning how to smell and describe wine is very important because more than 80% of your a...

Geocaching: A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Written and Photographed by: Megan Pasche Geocaching: it is the perfect mixture of hiking and treasure hunting. If you enjoy both these things, and let’s be serious, treasure hunting is awesome so who doesn’t, you’ll love the worldwide game of geoca...
Megan Pasche

Megan Pasche


Megan’s passion for the written word is only rivalled by her passion for travel – and as a closet foodie – an insatiable appetite for new cuisine. As the editor of Rev Publishing’s tourist and local magazines, every publication reflects this keen sense of taste, adventure and culture.