Megan Pasche

Loving Australian Terroir

By: Angela Aiello Australia is often talked about as a destination for the traveller’s bucket-list. If you haven’t already noticed this trend, you probably wil...

Take a Hike in the Desert

Written by Sandra Ozkur Arizona is a popular winter getaway destination for Canadians. Its sunny dry climate makes it a haven for northern snowbirds (Canadians...

It’s just really N’Icewine

Written by Sandra Ozkur Icewine, Canada’s most internationally recognized wine, is becoming a party favourite among the Millennial Generation. It has been trad...
Megan Pasche

Megan Pasche


Megan’s passion for the written word is only rivalled by her passion for travel – and as a closet foodie – an insatiable appetite for new cuisine. As the editor of Rev Publishing’s tourist and local magazines, every publication reflects this keen sense of taste, adventure and culture.