Megan Pasche

Details to look over to create the perfect wedding

In The Details

Individuality is key for 2017 weddings; couples want an event that will reflect who they are as a couple. While the basic blueprint of a wedding stays the same, where that uniqueness really shines through is…in the details. We’ve done our best to com...
Soup recipes for the cold winter months

Soup’s On

Nothing says winter quite like a big bowl of soup cooking away on the stove. Not only does it makes for the perfect evening meal, but most soups can be easily f...
Events. Festivals. Entertainment

Events. Festivals. Entertainment

NIAGARA FALLS FIREWORKS FRIDAYS JAN. 6 - 27, 2017 | 9PM | QUEEN VICTORIA PARK Canada’s longest running fireworks series. As part of the Winter Festival of L...

For Facts Sake!

DID YOU KNOW... That there was a man named the Hermit of Niagara? Francis Abbott, Hermit of Niagara, wrote a letter to Peter Porter (the owner at that time of ...

Daredevils of Niagara Falls

On July 5, 1887 the Queen Victoria Park Commission took over jurisdiction of the land along the Niagara River gorge and the decision was made to address the man...

Arthur Hoyt Day: “There she goes over.”

It happened in an instant. On August 24, 1844, Martha Rugg and a male friend were standing on Table Rock, then a sizeable rock shelf that projected from the top of the Niagara River gorge close to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Noticing some flow...
Megan Pasche

Megan Pasche


Megan’s passion for the written word is only rivalled by her passion for travel – and as a closet foodie – an insatiable appetite for new cuisine. As the editor of Rev Publishing’s tourist and local magazines, every publication reflects this keen sense of taste, adventure and culture.