Mariana Bockarova

The Science of Jet Lag and How to Cure It

A few years ago, I found myself on a plane to Rome as I embarked on my first solo trip overseas. I thought I had come prepared - light luggage for backpacking across three countries, a refillable water bottle to keep me cool in the Mediterranean heat...

Assertive Over Polite

Navigating conflicts in the workplace …can be amongst the most cumbersome and stressful events that take part in one’s professional life. The reasons for this a...
find your purpose through logotherapy


Over the past two years, I have taught a variant of the course ‘Psychology of Relationships’ at the University of Toronto. What makes it amongst the mos...
Time Management 101

Time Management 101

How would you define time management? Time management is a process of noticing how you spend your time doing things and making a choice about how you choose to utilize the time you have... it’s not that easy a question to answer because most...
Young upset girl experiencing a personality disturbance

Winter Blues

In the summer months, Emily* was energetic, pleasant, and full of life. She was excited about her future, motivated at work, and was a wonderful partner to her ...
A guide to understanding and managing your emotions

Emotions: What are they & how do we manage them?

The blockbuster movie The Notebook depicts a drama- filled love story between a young couple in the 1940s. While they fall deeply in love, social class constraints, the Second World War, a meddling mother, and a host of other difficulties stand in th...
Mariana Bockarova

Mariana Bockarova


Mariana holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University concentrated in Psychology and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. Her research explores narrative medicine and mental health.