Lynn Ogryzlo

Summer Fresh Salad

We are so connected to the seasons. As the weather becomes warmer, I just can’t wait to spend more time outside and when it comes to food, I crave fresh garden ...
Merchant Ale House Mac and Cheese

Maccheroni and Formaggio

It was in 1937 that the Kraft Company put it in a box, a good portion of elbow macaroni and a packet of orange powder. The recipe was simple, boil, spri...

Redefining Retirement: Part Four

Well, here we are, the last in the four-part series on retirement. In the previous three stories I’ve given examples of empowering retirement models. Retirement...
Turmeric as a healing spice for medical purposes

The Healing Spice: Turmeric

It was called an anti-aging smoothie and it caught my attention. In one cup of coconut milk add half a cup of pineapple, a banana, a teaspoon of turmeric and a ...

Niagara’s Iconic Food

When we think of Italy, we think of pasta and pizza, Germany is schnitzel and sauerkraut or France, escargot and cassoulet. But when I ask people about Niagara,...
Lynn Ogryzlo

Lynn Ogryzlo


A regular contributor to REV publications, Lynn is a renowned food, wine and travel writer as well as a three-time international award winning cookbook author.