Lauren Charley

Fruits in Niagara

Celebrating Fruits in Niagara

Cruising through the Niagara Peninsula down the country lanes you'll notice plenty of markets, shops, and stalls all selling local seasonal fruit picked...
Backyard Makeover

Give Your Backyard a Makeover

From the Botanical Gardens, to the numerous parks and trails, to private residences boasting astonishing oral displays and landscapes, the Niagara Region ...
Smart Home

The Dawn of the Smart Home

We’re all familiar with smartphones, as they have become essential in our day-to-day business both at work and in our personal lives. Also becoming increasingly popular in the homestead is the concept of a smart home. The term “smart home” is commonl...
Chef Ross Midgley

On The Table: Ravine Vineyard

An Interview With: Executive Chef Ross Midgley   Inside the restaurant at Ravine Vineyard Estates, you’ll be immersed in a sophisticated, upscale-casual ...

The Art Of Aerial Fitness

Have you ever dreamed a vision of yourself on stage, surrounded by lights and accompanied by music, performing tranquil acrobatics like you have seen in Cirque ...

Kick Start The New Year

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”   This is something we usually say when we attempt to kick our poor eating habits and substitute them with healthy ones. Eating a well-balanced diet may not be enough, and we may need to follow a str...
Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

“Characterized by complex and intense flavours derived from concentrated sugar, acid, and berry extracts, Canadian Icewine continues to win top accolades at i...
Lauren Charley

Lauren Charley

Lauren is a Copywriter and Journalist with a passion for travel and sharing stories. Born a tropical baby at heart, Lauren spent a year woking for a magazine in the British Virgin Islands after graduating from The University of Western Ontario. Niagara-on-the-Lake will always be her home base as continues to allow her vocation take her on adventures and discover the world.