Andrea Kaiser

Out of the Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary

It is hard to believe it has been thirty years. I would have been 19 at the time I attended the first annual Cuvée. It was a new concept, a celebration ...

Dig Our Roots

Wineries of Niagara-On-The-Lake   The Wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake invite you to visit in April and help celebrate the birthplace of the modern Canadian wine industry. You are invited to an exclusive weekend event that pays tribute to the...

Find Your Favourite

A Chardonnay is just a Chardonnay, right? Aren’t all Cabernets created equally? But then again why do I like some Rieslings but not others? Most important, how ...
Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser


Grew up in Niagara, and is no stranger to the Ontario wine industry. You could say she was born into a life of food and wine and now shares this passion for Niagara Flavours through her writing, teaching and work. Well, we will call it work for lack of a better word.