About Today Magazine

Today Magazine – Niagara Edition has been created as an effective response to growing request for a publication that reaches both a critical mass of affluent tourists visiting the Niagara Region and a premium local audience comprised of Niagara households with significant disposable incomes.

We have dramatically increased our saturation of this major Niagara market through a significant expansion of our distribution reach. The new magazine retains the same great design and production values that are Rev’s hallmark, and adds some important new features to create even higher levels of readership and retention. Its fresh, new look and increased local content inform and interest both locals and tourists alike.

Our editorial content remains informative and entertaining. The magazine’s larger format opens up more advertising options for our customers.

This audience enhancement increases the overall readership of the magazine, creating greater exposure for our customers’ brand messages.

For advertising information please call Katelyn Lococo at (905) 356-7283 x111 or click here to request a media kit.